Zambia Institute of Planners

Shaping Places Sustainably Through Placemaking Ideas


Developing Quality

Registration of Planners and issuance of Practicing Licenses to
registered planners and firms. We enforce a strict code of
ethics and conduct.
B. Supporting Professional Planners
Promoting professional development, networking and learning opportunities
C. Sustainable Planning
Protecting the practice of planning and advancing members
ability to protect the public interes




This membership is conferred by invitation of the Council through the specific mandate of the general body of corporate category and is not by an application of the candidate.


Has formal professional training in a planning field substantiated by evidence of credentials. He/she has been a continuous corporate member of the Institute. He/she was first admitted as a corporate member of the Institute for the last ten years and has fulfilled conditions necessary for membership.


He/she has formal professional training in any planning fields but no experience. A Probationer shall be entitled to seek election and upgrading to corporate membership status after 2 years of professional work experience through public or consultancy of meritorious recognition.


A person who at the time of application is actively engaged in planning and holds an academic (planning qualification) from a tertiary educational institute, which is recognized by the Council. There are three types of registration under this class namely Type I, Type II and Type III as determined under this class in the regulations issued by the Council from time to time


He/ she is holder of a certificate or diploma in a planning field or allied professions in the whole time employment under a public office or consultancy practice firm supervised by registered professionals. He/she shall be at least 2 years full time at a recognized institution in Zambia or abroad evidenced by a certificate or diploma.


He/she has a temporary affiliation only during an enrolment period for the study of a professional/ sub professional qualification in planning or related professions recognized by the Institute. This membership shall automatically cease upon completion, drop out of enrolled studies or upgraded to a higher affiliate/ corporate category of member.


To become the best planning professional body with coherent organizational and professional platform for the advancement of all planners and creation of livable places through

To achieve professional self regulation and regulate planning practice in public interest through continuous professional development of our members.

A person with special knowledge of urban designing, the environmental, social, economic and political issues with the spatial approach to problem solving acquired through planning education and experience.

If you have studied any of the following, you can register: 

Urban and Regional Planning, Spatial Planning, Land Use Planning, Urban Design, Town and Country Planning, Economics, Social Work, Land Surveying, Landscape Architecture, Environmental Planning, Geography, Natural Resource Management or any other field that the Board may determine.


About ZIP

Zambia Institute of Planners (ZIP) is a body that regulates the practice of Urban and Regional Planning in Zambia as mandated by the Urban and Regional Planners Act No. 4 of 2011 of the Laws of Zambia.


Meet some of our members…

I like ZIP for the fact that it is the number one Professional body that represents my Career Path. Further I was part of the Council that reclaimed the operations of ZIP and help set up the office and re- organization so I am proud to be part of that re-birth.
Nina Hamakowa
Am passionate about ZIP because of it's desire to bring planners together and help build capacities in the planning cycle. ZIP is a platform that can help restore sanity in socioeconomic, environmental and spatial planning by regulating planning individuals and institutions.
Aaron Musonda Kolosa
BA Development Studies



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